Stress is that undesirable companion who is by our side when we least need them. We already know that it is one of the evils of today’s society, which appears in work, in our relations and, of course, in our conduct.

The very act of driving a car is already a stressful action in itself, because it requires a constant state of alertness, although in this case it is not something entirely negative, since that minimum tension is what keeps us awake and alert to any eventuality of traffic, although we strongly recommend an erotic massage to relieve the pain. But the worrying thing is that there are situations that we should apparently control and that become moments of real stress, either because something makes us anxious, afraid or nervous.

What causes stress?

Obviously, the causes of stress when driving are very different from one person to another, but here are some of the most common causes among drivers.

  • Traffic jam: The high traffic density in cities contributes in particular to increasing the stress at the wheel of people driving. Being late and not moving forward produces frustration and nervousness that can lead to aggressive or impulsive behavior.

  • Thinking about driving: Sometimes the brain is our own enemy and it can make us more nervous to think that we’re going to face another secured bottleneck one more day. The excess of information together with the imagination can play us bad pasts and make us suffer in advance.

  • Be water my friend: On numerous occasions we are the ones who demand so much of ourselves when it comes to driving that we cause ourselves large doses of stress without there being any other external elements that produce it. That same requirement makes us demand good behaviour from others, so any infringement around us causes us to be overwhelmed or stressed at the wheel and makes us behave almost like law enforcement officers reprimanding other drivers for what we feel like bad actions. This is a role that we should not take on if we want to avoid major conflicts.

  • Parking: Taking several minutes around to find room can be a hopeless act and cause an upsurge in tension for anyone. But also when you find a parking space and make the parking manoeuvre, you can feel stress, especially when there are vehicles waiting for us to finish the manoeuvre to pass. Here, even if we are experts in parking, we are sure that something is wrong, we miscalculate and take twice as long. It’s Murphy’s Law.

  • Noise: The noisy atmosphere or the persistent, high-pitched noise can literally drive us crazy. We all know that it’s not the same to stand in a traffic jam listening to music or the radio as it is to listen to the horn of the vehicles around us. Just thunderous.